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KUNTERGRAU is a gay web series produced on a voluntary basis by gay men between 17 and 27 from Cologne Germany.

In KUNTERGRAU, coming out is part of the past while sex and love is mundane. A group of five gay friends between 17 and 24 deals with everyday problems and experiences the meaning of love, sex, and friendship.

Episode 5: After Jan finds out that Noah is cheating on him everything seems to fall apart.

KUNTERGRAU merchandise: http://kuntergrau.net/shop/
KUNTERGRAU homepage: http://kuntergrau.net

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Support KUNTERGRAU by donating at http://kuntergrau.net/spenden and help us produce a second season.

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  1. ارغب في الخرووج من الشرق الاوسط واعيش في حريتي فانا بمجتمع لا يبالي في مشاعرك فمجتمعي ياخذ علا عاتقه عاداته وتقاليده من قروون والى الا نهايه گيف ساترك امي گيف سارحل عن اختي التي تتقبلي ولكن في مجتمعي ان رغبت بشئ عليك ان تترك احبائك فحريتك لها ثمن غربتك

  2. If this is Germany I wonder if they are at the Baltic or North Sea possibly? He has such good friends which you need after walking in on that. It happened to me in my early 20's with my then boyfriend who as it turned out was a lying cheating scumbag.


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